Bucharest stag activities, what and where?

So you decided to organize a stag party in Bucharest, but you don’t know what to do, or where? Have no fear! We will tell you exactly what are the best ways you can have fun in this amazing city with your lads before you take the big step!

Let’s start by talking about the city itself, Bucharest is filled with pubs and bars that are open throughout the night. You don’t have to worry if you want to crack open a cold one with the boys at 2 AM, there are a lot of places you can go. The food is great also, the street food is made up of mostly shawarma and kebabs, favourites of every young man, but you can also find hot dogs and a lot of other things that can help you get over a hangover.

Bucharest Night Street

There is something to keep in mind though if you want to know more about Bucharest stag activities, the women in Romania are so beautiful that you will start to forget about your fianceé. We can arrange English speaking female guides that can show you around the city in the night. You will visit several bars and clubs with them and they will accompany you a whole night if you wish.

Bucharest Nightlife

You can drive fast cars on a nearby circuit, or even hop on a bike if that’s your thrill. You can ask your local guide to show you around all the fanciest clubs in the city and to help you meet a lot of cool, interesting people.

For the men that love to shoot, you can even go to the famous Bucharest Shooting Range. The prices are low, the weapons are well maintained and you can even get your hands on the famous Romanian AK-47, a rifle so fierce that it will make you feel like you are the greatest warrior that has ever lived.

Bucharest Clay Shooting

Bucharest is well renowned for its beautiful architecture, for its friendly people and for the great choice of activities you can do. But if you truly want to make the best out of your Bucharest adventure, then get in touch with us and get ready for the greatest adventure of your life!