Fun things to do in Bucharest as a tourist

If you are visiting Bucharest for a longer period of time and you already visited the most important places like museums, historical buildings, parks, the National Opera, the Atheneum and so on, we’d like to propose you to spend some fun time with your friends nowhere else than in a shooting range!

If you are the kind of active person, an adrenaline seeker, curious as well about weapons, we have the perfect solution for you, in this free day in Bucharest and you`re going to be more then satisfied with our proposals, we can bet! Let’s see what kind of activities we have prepared:

First of all, you can have a shooting pack, to see how it feels to shoot a gun, to hit a target and to have that feeling of satisfaction that you can do that! At Bucharest Shooting Club you can try a wide range of weapons like AK47 Kalashnikov Modernized, FN SCAR rifle, Glock 17 with Roni Carbine Tactical Kit, CZ 75 Kadet, Remington 700 VTR, Armalite AR-15, Smith & Wesson 19, MosinNagant, Mauser Karabiner 98, SKS Spaghin, Tikka T3, REM 700 MDT Tactical 21 Chassis, HK SLB 2000 Target or even a Clay Pigeon Shooting Shotgun. Tempting, no?!

Kalashnikov Shooting

After that experience or even without it, if you don’t want or don’t like that kind of activity, you can try “Kill the birds” where you’ll have to shoot with 25 bullets, 25 targets. There are no real birds involved, don`t worry so you can have a lot of fun trying to hit those targets and even you can make a competition with your friends.

The indoor or outdoor paintball is as well fun and a competitive game in which you must “fight for your life”. If you like this kind of game you can call us, make an appointment and a bus will take you from the city centre and drive you to the venue. Also, an English guide will accompany you through the whole activity.

Another activity which may fit you is the Silver shooting&paintball combo. This means that you can get the best combination pack made of a game of shooting real weapons (AK47, Glock17, FN SCAR or MP5 and Tippmann98 Custom) after a short training and then after you have the main notions of shooting, you can apply and practice them in a game of paintball.

Take a day of the regular activities as a tourist and try some different fun things to do in Bucharest with your friends, it will be fun!

Keep in mind that all our activities will take place in maximum safety, with qualified personnel and we also have included an English speaker instructor, two-way transfer (the shooting range is 20 min away from city centre) and all safety equipment.