Most interesting place for military tour in Bucharest

The most educative place for military tour in Bucharest is Romanian National Military Museum, placed in a beautiful century-old building. The museum presents an excellent exhibition, a thorough run through the entire Romanian history from the Paleolithic and Antiquity to the present times.

Romanian National Military Museum Bucharest

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List of exposed weapons

Bungescu M1938 Fire-control system, the first Romanian-made FCS

Vickers/Reșița anti-aircraft gun

75 mm Reșița Model 1943 anti-tank gun

Negrei Model 1916 heavy mortar

FAMO half-track

ABI armored car

TACAM R-2 tank destroyer

SU-100 tank destroyer

TR-580 tank

IAR-80 fighter aircraft replica

MiG-15 airplane

Renault FT-17 tank

Renault R35 tank

Panzer IV tank

Replica of a ca. 4th century BC raven totem Celtic helmet from Satu Mare County

National Military Museum
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Location Strada Mircea Vulcănescu nr. 125-127