FN SCAR rifle

The Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) is a gas-operated, self-loading rifle with a rotating bolt and a firing rate of 625 rounds/min. It is constructed to be extremely modular, including barrel change to switch between calibers. As of early 2015, the FN SCAR is in service in over 20 countries.

Our FN SCAR is modified version with for bullets .22LR, while the original combat version is designed for calibre 5.56×45mm NATO.


Weapon type:Rifle
Weight:3.29 kg (7.3 lb)
Calibre & cartridge:.22LR
Rate of fire:625 rounds/min
Manufacturer:FN Herstal, S.A.
Action:Gas-operated (short-stroke gas piston), rotating bolt
In service:2009–present