Where to find the best shooting range in Bucharest

If you are visiting Romania’s capital city Bucharest, and you want to shoot a gun just for kicks then you don’t have to look anymore! This is Bucharest’s first Shooting Range and it’s a real treat!

This great European city offers a lot of activities for all tourists, but up until now, gun fans have been left disappointed not having any place where they could try out some great European firearms. That is why Bucharest Shooting Club was invented, to make sure that tourists have a place where they could fire some weapons, have fun and blow off a little steam.

Even though it is located at 25 kms from Bucharest, the establishment has a private shuttle service that can transport you and your friends to the range from downtown, and once you get there you will discover what gun heaven really looks like.

Pistols, revolvers, long-range Romanian made sniper rifles, some SCARS and American assault rifles are available. You can choose any one or buy a whole package and fire away. But most people go nuts for the classic AK47, the legendary gun of the former communist block that is well renowned for its ability to shoot full auto and for its reliability.

Bucharest Shooting Range

Going to the range is quite a therapeutical feat. From the moment you see a gun, you know that you have to pay attention to every movement that you do. Your body and mind get in complete sync and you focus only on the actions that you have to make to carefully handle the rifle and to fire it. Your pulse slows down, breathing gets more regulated and your entire being concentrates on hitting the target. The whole world goes deaf once you take a weapon like our Bucharest AK47 in your hands, and your worries and cares get spent the same way the cases do once you unleash a hellfury of full-auto fire upon your cardboard target.

If you want a truly therapeutical pass-time while in Bucharest, you just need to visit our shooting club and you will find out the true meaning of peace and quiet. You can even shoot the well renowned AK47M, the version modified by the Romanian army that is much more accurate, precise and that packs a better punch than the regular one.

Blog Where To Find The Best Shooting Range in Bucharest

If you ever want to visit Bucharest and feel like blowing off some steam while having the time of your life, you should visit the best Bucharest shooting range. There is no sensation quite like firing a weapon, nothing that can even compare and once you will empty the magazine, you will discover the true meaning of Zen! Bucharest Shooting Club, the place to visit when in the capital city of Romania!